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Gabrieli Tallit

Kosher Tefillin - Ashkenazi or Sefaradi phylactery

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Kosher Tefilin set, made by a Sofer Stam from Jerusalem. To assure the quality and Kosher of the Tefillin, This Tefillin's parchment has been checked by a "Sofer Stam" as well with a special computer program "Tikun Sofrim". Our Tefillin (phylactery) are 100% Kosher and hand scribed. There are two kinds both are equally Kosher. "Peshutim" Tefillin and "Mehudar Tefilin set. Both Sets are high quality Tefillin. The boxes have been crafted from a single piece of cow, ox, sheep or goat hide as well as straps from the same type of leather. The boxes have been painted jet black on the top and sides and has been sewn shut using animal sinews. "Peshutim" Tefilin Set: Leather made of "Behema Daka" - Sheep or Goat "Mehudar" Tefilin Set: Leather made of "Behema Gasa" - Cow or Ox Please choose the Nusach (Ashkenaz or Sephard) and the side you need (for left handed or right handed). You may have a look at our special Bar Mitzva DEAL and save 40% on the Tefilin set!>. * Tefillin might look a bit different from Pictures


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