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About Us

Shalom and welcome to our home. We are Gabrieli, a company that was founded in 1964 by Malka Gabrieli. Malka studied at the "Betzalel" School of Art in Jerusalem. After her graduation she opened a small studio in Old Jaffa and soon became well-known for her hand-looming, which she did in the basement of her studio. 

Today, Gabrieli is not just the dream of a hard working and visionary woman, but a full scale home for some of the best and finest Judaica artworks, worldwide, as well as the leading manufacturer of tallit and Kuzari tapestries in Israel. Gabrieli is very proud to offer a collection that is MADE IN ISRAEL and pleased to guarantee your new collection. As one of the leading Judaica retail companies in the world, Gabrieli's collectors' satisfaction is above all and our mission is to ensure the satisfaction and true enjoyment of your tallit, jewelry, art and Judaica collection.

Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica art shop, located in downtown Jerusalem, creates hand-woven, hand-loomed tallit sets in silk, wool, and cotton. You will also find beautiful Judaica products, wedding presents, Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts and unique art work - visit our shops on your next visit to Israel.