How long will my order take to be hand-crafted and shipped?
Orders are generally delivered 4 to 6 weeks from order placement.
How do I remotely size myself for a tallit if I'm not local?
Choosing a tallit size is easy from anywhere; just use our online size guide.
What does a Gabrieli tallit set include?
Our standard Gabrieli tallits are sold as a set that includes a matching kippah and tallit bag.
Our Premium tallit sets include a matching bag and kippah as well as a collar with a hand embroidered blessing, double sided, patterned corners, thick tzizit and a matching tefillin bag.
Our Lady Gabrieli sets include a tallit and matching bag.
What parts of my tallit order can I customize?
Your Gabrieli tallit can be customized in a multitude of ways!
Adding a collar (atara) that includes the blessing for donning a tallit and/or blue stranded tzizit (Ptil Tekhelet) can be done by making those selections from the order page menus.
Further customizations can be made by  choosing the material, the design and the colors.
Additionally, you can customize your tallit by adding a hand woven and embroidered collar (atara) that contains any verse special to you. Names, dates and initials can also be hand embroidered on the tallit or bag.
All custom orders can be placed by emailing us at marcy.gabrielistore@gmail.com.
*not including tallits from the Lady Gabrieli Collection or the Elegant Collection
When ordering a tablecloth, how do I know what size will fit my table the best?
When ordering a tablecloth, first measure the table (with any extensions if applicable). Then add to each measurement to allow for the drop on each side of the cloth.
We recommend a 10” drop. For example, a table that measures
4 ft x 6 ft (48 inches x 72 inches) would require a tablecloth that measures 68 inches x 92 inches when adding 10 inches all around to allow for the drop.
Though we list the most popular tablecloth sizes in our size menu, we can custom make your tablecloth in just about any size you need.
We are always available via email at marcy.gabrielistore@gmail.com for any questions regarding sizing or to place an order for a custom sized tablecloth.


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