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About the custom Atara and the Tzizit

Custom Embroidered Blessing Atara
Our custom embroidered blessing atara (collar) is hand woven to match the design of the selected tallit. Additionally, the blessing for donning a tallit is hand embroidered down the center.
hand woven, embroidered atara













Tzitzit and Ptil Tekhelet

You can upgrade your tallit by adding the Tekhelet to your tzitzit.

Ptil Tekhelet provides genuine Tekhelet strings so Jews can once again fulfill the mitzvah of wearing Tekhelet on their Tzitzit.

About 1300 years ago, the secrets of Tekhelet, this wondrous blue color and the identity of the mysterious sea creature  – the Chillazon – that produced the dye was lost. Over the past half-century, a convergence of research and discoveries by Rabbis, scientists, archaeologists, and others has led to the conclusive identification of the sea-snail, Murex trunculus, as the authentic source of Tekhelet.