Seder Plate for Pesach - Purple
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Seder Plate for Pesach - Purple

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This Seder Plate for Pessach (Passover) is made by an Isreali artist. The Passover Seder Plate is made out of Aluminum. The little Seder bowls are Glass. The Seder Plate will not rust and easy to clean! Each bowl sits in a nice hole made specially for the small Seder bowls. The small Seder bowls will stay in their place on the Seder Plate and will not move. This Beautiful and Unique Seder Plate for Pessach can be a nice Art Judacia piece to put on the table and on the side. Size: 35cm X 35cm (13.7'' X 13.7'') Can be ordered in different colors: Blue, Red-Brown, Purple.

Seder Plate from Israel

Since the Challah boards are made by Artists there might be a waiting period of a week or two. If you need the item for a specific date please inform us in advance. Thank you

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