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hoshen Bracelet

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According to the ancient Jewish text, the Talmud, wearing the ‘Hoshen’ (‘Hoshen HaMishpat’) offsets the sin of poor judgment.

In historical Jerusalem, the polychromatic ‘Hoshen’ was worn by the high priests of Israel during their service in the Holy Temples.

The biblical description of the ‘Hoshen’ indicates that the twelve gemstones of the ‘Hoshen’ were to be distinct minerals, each one being different than the other.

Each gem was to represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the name of which was to be inscribed on the stone. According to the Kabalah, the gems were the secret revelation of light.

Wearing the ‘Hoshen’ on one’s wrist is a symbolic means for warding off poor judgement. This beautiful bracelet is the perfect gift for your loved ones and anyone else you’d like to bless with making good life decisions.

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